Scotti Austin


began her singing career while doing stage work, when she was required that she sing for a role. She decided to pursue singing further by learning different techniques in workshops. Feeling that jazz fit her style, she gravitated to jazz standards from the 1920’s to 1940’s, the Golden Age of Jazz. It was a natural attraction, since she grew up hearing her mother sing so many standards around the house. Her mother once aspired to be a singer. Her repertoire includes numerous jazz, swing and big band selections. It's a consummate collection of some of the most beloved standards in the great American songbook. Everything from pan tin alley, vaudeville to jazz and blues. Many of her selections are from the Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart and Duke Ellington song books. All of these songs have a wonderful ambiance and put you in a mood. They always tell these wonderful stories of life and love. For the fun of it she throws in theme songs from television and film that reflect the style of that era. She quotes, “It seems that songs from that era had a lot more meaning. And when singers performed the songs, they really seemed to come from the heart.”  In addition, she enjoys singing songs of love and songs that swing. She finds a great joy in being on stage. Her audience ranges in age from young to old. Playfully, she wows them with her distinctive voice and charm. She has a natural vibrato.


Her fashion sense adds to the ambiance of her show. It is influenced by the fashions of 1920’s to 1940’s era and her current mood. This southern girl transformed herself  into the glamour icons from that era. A little retro style is thrown in for fun. There’s flowing gowns, tuxedos, sailor suits, pill-box hats and more. A tinge of flapper, pin-up, Vargas, burlesque and cabaret reflect a playful style. Her stage wardrobe is complemented by her vast collection of vintage pieces. Long before she even thought of singing she built an extensive collection of vintage artifacts from that era. A collection includes rare antique box purses, compact carryalls, parure, cigarette holders, flask, vintage lingerie, peignoirs, gloves, handkerchiefs and pin-up imagery. All of this style and music with the retro twist of today helps to bridge the past and present.


Miss Austin has also lent her talents to various studio recordings and artists. At this time she is in the studio working on a new recording. Time is also devoted to performing for various charity organizations. Miss Austin is also an accomplished actress with a number of television, film and stage credits. You can catch these Virginia natives’ performances at various venues in the Los Angeles and surrounding regions.